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2 sizes available-   see picture for dimensions (Regular and Grande)



This product is intended for INDOOR USE only. 

Why use a trellis for your plants? * Train your plants to climb a unique support * Vining plants love support * You will see your leaves mature, aerial roots attach and plants stand up straight *

You can transform your plant into a piece of art Design Inspiration This trellis is inspired by the Monstera leaf. Each trellis is one of a kind with a unique grain structure that is sure to be a statement piece at your home.  How its made?

* Each trellis is designed and made in USA *

The trellis is made by laser cutting a 1/4" thick cherry finish wood sheet *  Each piece is sealed with exterior grade coating for protection against moisture * The stakes that hold the trellis in the ground are double-coated to last.

Choose from different sizes that fit your growing plant All trellises perfectly fit pots bigger than 4" diameter.

"Monstrella" leaf shape wooden plant trellis by Treleaf

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  • Compostable, biodegradable, plastic-free packaging and shipping!  Made in the USA.  Sustainably sourced materials

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