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Sol Soils offers a variety of high-quality, gritty mix soils, soil amendments, and decorative soil toppers designed for the full spectrum of potted plants that may be in your collection. They select and hand-mix the best ingredients to produce fast draining soils that help protect against root rot, the number one killer of indoor plants. Orchid Chunky Mix is designed to be extra light and avoid compaction to provide maximum oxygen to the root system, a must for these unique plants. As orchids typically are not found in the ground, they obtain water and nutrients from the air, rain, and debris that collects in the crevices in which they grow. This is also excellent for Bonsai trees.

A tree is planted for every bag purchases, made in USA and is peat-free and sustainable.


Soil Composition Organic: coconut husks, pine bark

Inorganic: chunky perlite

Orchid Soil (1 GAL)Sol Soils

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