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  • TWO-IN-ONE WATERING TOOL - Conveniently made to function as a watering pot and as a spray bottle, making it really easy to water both small and large plants.
  • ERGONOMIC CONSTRUCTION - Built with a smart design so it really feels like you're just handling a simple garden tool, minimizing discomfort even after an extended period of use.
  • PERFECT GARDEN SPRINKLER - Whether you've cultivated an indoor or outdoor garden, this sprinkler will fit right in with its simple yet functional structure. It's able to reach into a wide variety of plants.
  • LESS PRESSURE, EASY TO USE - No need to reach for a separate watering can or spray bottle. This multipurpose sprinkler is usable even with less grip pressure, giving ease of carry and use.

Spray Sprinkle Watering Can

SKU: 364115376135191
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Plastic, item weight 6.4 oz, dimensions 3.35" D x 12.99 " W x 10.83" H

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