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Plant Tips & Resources

Know It. Grow It.


Know your plants' needs to be successful...

Deeply Rooted has partnered with Greg, the intelligent plant care app, to provide personalized guidance for every plant you purchase. Greg will send custom notifications with care tips tailored to each plant's needs - from ideal lighting to optimal watering frequency - to help your new greens transition smoothly into your home.  You get this, FREE, with any plant purchase.


Light needs

It's not just about sun or shade.  Indirect light?  How much?  Is low light ok?  Come see us and get all the information to be successful with your new plants.  We offer many easy growers.


Water and soil needs

Drainage is key.  It's often hard to overwater, as long as your containers have good drainage.  Ask us about bottom watering.  Get tips on what soil works best for your purchases.

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