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Shop Policies

Returns:  Please inspect your plant purchases before leaving shop. Plants are returnable within 3 days of purchase. We pride ourselves on selling healthy pest-free plants.

Repotting/Rehabilition Services:

Repots are priced by size.  If you purchase a plant and a pot at the same time, we will pot it for no fee, and can often do it while you wait.

Repots/rehabs that are dropped off must be picked up within 3 business days of the project being completed.   $15 holding fee per day after 3 days.  We are a small shop and space is at a premium, especially in our back work area.

Infested Plants:

To protect our stock and our clients' plants, we reserve the right to refuse admission of highly infested or diseased plants.  


Plant Advising:

Please realize that we cannot provide free 'on the spot' advice for a plant in your home that we do not see in front of us.  Pictures can help, but there is no substitute for bringing your plant in for intake and assessment or having us come out to your space.  Again, we have a very small staff and while we love to provide personalized service on plants that you purchase from us, please realize that any plants purchased elsewhere have a variety of factors that make on the spot advising difficult if not impossible.  Contact us for pricing on intake & assessment and rehabilitation services.

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