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Bringing plants in---- helpful tips!

Feels like it's time for a new blog post, now that the shop has been open just about 8 weeks! I want to thank all of you who have supported in some way; a positive review, a "like" on a post, a social media tag or a purchase. Thanks so much! So..... let's tackle bringing plants in for the season!

If you are like many plant parents, you have some of your plants outdoors all spring and summer, and they usually thrive. Now that temps are starting to dip, here are some practical pointers:

  • Look to bring plants in when temps start to consistently drop below 50 or 55 degrees.

  • Give plants a GOOD drench with a hose! This floods out bugs and other critters that you don't want to hitch hike into your home.

  • Take some time to prune and trim plants back, removing anything that has browned or yellowed, or just to trim leggy growth and make it more manageable for your indoor space.

  • If you've been fertilizing, now is the time to slow or stop. The growing season is ending and plants won't need as much nutrients as during the spring and summer.

  • Watering will slow down too. Less sunlight hours mean less photosynthesis and less water is needed. I always advise not to water according to a schedule, but check frequently (using your finger is super easy and free!) and water when indicated by dry soil. It's just like checking a cake when baking.

  • If you forgot how dry your plant should be getting (an inch down? halfway down?) reach out to us and we can remind you of care instructions

  • Don't place plants right close to heating vents

  • You may find you need to run a humidifier a few times a week, a sure sign of this is browning tips and edges of leaves. It's good for plants and good for you too!

  • Try to save repotting for the springtime if possible.

I think I've hit all the important points, but if you have questions, comment here with them or email us at Hope to see you in the shop soon!

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