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What to do with my holiday plants--- part 1- Cyclamen

Were you gifted or maybe you bought yourself a beautiful blooming Cyclamen? Now what? It is not a "disposable" plant, you can enjoy it for years to come.

While blooming, pinch off spent blooms and yellowing/browning leaves to keep your plant looking tip top and pushing out buds for as long as possible. These plants like slightly cooler temps, and that is when they bloom for us. The plant will go dormant when temperatures rise. For now, give it bright indirect light and water when it feels dry about an inch down into the soil.

When it goes dormant after a few months, it will begin to lose its leaves--- it's not dead! Water it infrequently and just ensure it doesn't dry out 100%. It will come back in the fall and bloom for more months to come.

Stay tuned for Part 2--- what to do with your Amaryllis.

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